Thibault Bauloise

I'm Thibault, a Paris-based architect running his business and this blog since a few years. My first project was a TV set for the filming of a interior design show. The objective was to carry out the design and decoration of an existing apartment on the theme of rock. During this first mission, I met the producer of the show who entrusted me with the renovation and decoration of one of his apartments in Paris as the architect in charge of the project has abandoned the project. I took over the project and created his own interior design studio. Since then, my activity is divided between private orders (mainly renovation work and decoration services) for an apartment or a house, and corporate projects (offices). The years go by, the projects also, and so does the Bauloise blog. Today, I have surrounded myself with a team of professionals, interior architects, having worked in the biggest architecture and decoration agencies, to support me on the projects, whether it is at the level of creation, or the follow-up of the works.